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10 artworks produced for the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, responding to the theme of Flora and Fauna.


The work was a result of an Artist Residency undertaken with the Gorbals Youth Cafe, where I delivered weekly workshops with a range of age groups and clubs. The groups were interested in exploring lots of different new artistic techniques from analogue photography to screen printing and we interpreted the subject of flowers through walks and journeys documenting wildflowers and roses growing in the areas surrounding the tower-blocks where the club was based. Some of the artworks also involved interacting with these spaces, such as making clay seed bombs in the shape of letters, which were post produced to create photographic prints as well as planted in some derelict local sites.

Commissioned by Ginko for the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Glasgow. 2014

(Above - 'I  heart Glasgow' ,'Hope' and 'Heart', wild flower seed bombs words, made by the young people.

Bellow - 'Borders' analogue photography by the group.)

A.I.R. gorbals youth project, Glasgow, 2015

100 flowers 

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