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As Greater Pollok AIR (Phase 3), Glasgow, 2021-22



A playable and portable 9 hole crazy golf course, designed and made through workshops with volunteers and groups in Greater Pollok, during and in the months following Scotland's National Lockdown for Covid19.


The concept was to bring a little bit of ‘holiday’ home during a time when travel wasn’t possible and to create moments that could bring people together again through play. The obstacles designed by people are inspired by places of notable interest for social, architectural or heritage value, within this electoral ward.


The set of golf mats and props have become a resource held by Greater Pollok Services CIC, for groups and schools to borrow, to teach people about the local area. They are also a prototype for a potential permanent course in the future on a local underused site.

Project was delivered in partnership with Greater Pollok Services CIC and undertaken during my role as AIR for Greater Pollok, Glasgow (Creative Communities Initiative - Phase 3,) by Glasgow Life. 2021-22.

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