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Venice, Italy, with daniele sambo, 2018


As part of The Happenstance (by WAVEparticle), Scotland's contribution to Scotland+Venice for the Biennial of Architecture in 2018.


We were commissioned in response to Scotland’s Year of Young people to work with St. Paul’s Secondary School (Glasgow) and produce a film to show in Venice. Additionally we were invited to spend a week in Venice activating and responding to the exhibition.

One intervention we made during this time was to take the concept of the outdoor cinema beyond the exhibition space and into public spaces (Campo’s) around the city. We constructed 3 simple screens using second-hand tablecloths and napkins from venetian homes and we made a tour during the evening, requesting electricity from homes and businesses we encountered on our route. We screened 7 of the short films made in Scotland.

Commissioned by Architecture Design Scotland and WAVEparticle, in collaboration with artist Daniele Sambo. 2018

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