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Laurieston, Glasgow : with daniele sambo, 2015



View of paving drawing from Norfolk Court, prior to demolition

WAVEParticle, an artist-led organisation designed the Laurieston arena as an evolving public artwork, a flexible piece of infrastructure, to facilitate ideas and events developed by local residents and invited artists. This site is an almost perfect circle, in limbo. The circle is slightly raised and fed by three smooth new paths and a muddy forth, made by feet, that cuts across the diameter on course to Norfolk Court flats. The perimeter of the tarmac terrace is marked out by 16 tall and vertical posts, each 6 metres high. The circle occupies some of the space where a second block of flats, stood until 2010. 

In collaboration with Daniele Sambo. Developed for ‘So it is’ Yaka Collective exhibtion in Glasgow, supported by WAVEparticle and WASPS.


We, Daniele Sambo and Hannah Brackston, were invited to make some work, for a show in Glasgow, taking place across a series of public and pre-used spaces. We used this as an opportunity to explore a new way of working, as a duo, D + H. We declared the site as our very temporary studio and the drawing was created over 1 day.


‘Laurieston arena’, the site we were asked to consider is in theory a small island. A moat of cars around one semi-circumference and the other a kind of concrete soup. At the time of making this installation the adjacent tower blocks were still partially occupied, awaiting demolition. 

Our immediate reaction was to insert something playful, to be played with, into the otherwise seemingly sombre setting, characterised by the nearby ‘No ball games sign’. We created a collaborative drawing, part action, performance, research devise, engagement tool. A set of overlapping basket ball courts, posts but no nets (yet.) A reference to these signs which once sprung up in the 70’s to quieten streets and pavements. 


‘So it is,’ Yaka Collective Exhibtion, Lauriston Arena, Glasgow, (2015.)


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