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for art gene, BARROW IN FURNESS, 2017 

Developed during Artist Residency on South Walney Nature Reserve, Barrow in Furness (with Art Gene.)


Camouflage is the key visual code on South Walney Nature Reserve and it is a kind of language that interacts between species, living and non living.


This image is one of a series of assembled collections made from things found on South Walney Nature Reserve. Translated into photographic prints that borrow the visual language of the 'pull out posters' found in the middle of old wildlife magazines that lined the book shelves in the reserve office.  

With a little humour these talk about camouflage in terms of survival strategies. Despite the huge temptation, visitors to South Walney Nature Reserve are restricted from accessing the beach, due to the risk of bird disturbance. These posters make reference to this, communicating the fragile nature of wild bird eggs on a cobbled beach. A condition which in which we understand ourselves as a threat.


Posters were distributed for free as part of an exhibtion and a version of the work was installed as part of the permanent interior design of the ‘Tinbergen’ and ‘Braithwaite’ educational hides on South Walney Nature Reserve.



‘Stuff’ Recent Works, Art Gene, Barrow in Furness, (2016)

Interior of; 'Art Gene Razzle Dazzle Hides, Braithwaite & Tinbergen,' for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, South Walney Nature Reserve, Barrow - in - Furness. Art Gene Design and Production team: Hannah Brackston, Charlie Mackeith, Stuart Bastik, Maddi Nicholson.

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