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Open City, London, 2011 

Space makers


Space Makers Workshop, Central London. Photo : Imogen Humphis

Rolling a giant toddler sized dice, determines the design brief for the group of children- a space to PLAY / EAT / MEET A FRIEND / HIDE / PERFORM / A BEAUTIFUL space.

Collaboration between Imogen Humphis and Hannah Brackston for ‘OPEN UP - OPEN CITY Architecture’ commissioned as part of London City festival in June 2012.


A site specific workshop designed for the festival, to engage children (roughly 9-12 yrs) with a fun and creative challenge of building real scale public spaces in central London. With the use of a carefully constructed kit consisting of 3 large hand-built bamboo frames, a variety of exciting colourful fabrics, imaginative floor surfaces representing everything from wood to water, and 90 cardboard boxes.

After brainstorming initial ideas, the group are awarded a pocketful of bamboo currency, which can be exchanged for materials. Huge theatre sets (including unique performance of jack and the beanstalk), a cardboard cafe selling air, a banquet table complete with pre feasting spa, and a never exhausted possibility of playful public spaces came to life.




As collaborators, we are interested in bringing together our different back grounds and skills across art and architecture, to push the boundaries with in our shared passion for working with people and public space, through the creation of projects which facilitate learning and empowerment regarding the interaction between people and their environment…  

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