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Develop during ’34-knots’ artist residency/public art program in Cuxhaven, Germany (with GSA and Kunstverein Cuxhaven).

This residency invited 8 artists from Glasgow and New Zealand to live together for 3 weeks in the ‘Amerikahafen’ and to develop site responsive work for Cuxhaven’s historical ‘Steubenhoft,’ a former terminal building for people emigrating from Europe wide to America by ship. Rich in social and political history but no longer in use or open to the public.

Following a period of research, ‘Hande Schwarmen’ was designed as an installation, viewed by close observation of the industrial skyline in Cuxhaven, through strategically placed bespoke binoculars, provoking a curiosity or reminder of the Steubenhofts quiet presence. It includes a flag, designed made with combinations of hand shapes, drawn

from the outline of the fingers of all of the almost invisible caretakers, and residents who still occupy and volunteer time to protect and share the story of this significant space. It was hung on the now empty mast of the building, where they daily raised a flag for their whole working lives. 


The hands wave in the wind in reference to the millions who migrated from here after saying goodbye to their loved ones, in search of a more prosperous life.

Exhibited : 

Clyde meets Elbe, Group exhibtion as part of the 34 Knots public art program in Kunstverein Cuxhaven (2013)


With support from:

Arts Trust Scotland Award

Glasgow School of Art

Kunstverein Cuxhaven


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