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dumfries & galloway, with OPEN JAR COLLECTIVE, 2013

the dairy house

Milk Bar set up in Gatehouse of Fleet.  Milk Bar construction : Hannah Brackston. Photo : Clem Sandison

An Open Jar Collective Project.


Developed for The Environmental Art Festival Scotland (EAFS), Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway.

For the Environmental Art Festival, Open Jar Collective built a pop-up milk bar, to share their research into dairy farming in the region of Dumfries and Galloway. The bar toured Gatehouse of Fleet during the Sunday before joining the evening of the EAFS Gathering 3: The Land and Us at Cairnsmore of Fleet SNH Reserve in the evening. 

Photo : Clem Sandison

The milk bar created a space for rumination and conversation that were drawn from our experience of visiting the farms and speaking to farmers, exploring issues and experiences of dairy farmers and their cows. Visitors to the bar were invited to drink a glass of milk with us and hear stories that we have gathered along the way and add their own to our collection. This project brought some of the elements of the dairy farm; sounds, images, people’s personal memories and daily experiences out to the community.

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Photos above : Clem Sandison

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